Hoxton Mini Press

86 1/2 Years

‘I’ve lived in London for 86½ years’ was published in 2014 by Hoxton Mini Press and quickly became a local cult hit. Through a series of portraits it brings to life the story of Joseph Markovitch – a life-long East London local – and his 3 year friendship with photographer Martin Usborne, founder of Hoxton Mini Press.

Sadly, Joseph passed away before the book was published, but in what would’ve been his 90th year Hoxton Mini Press saw an opportunity to celebrate his life.

We worked with Shoreditch-based digital agency Club House to help them create an immersive visual and audio experience that brings to life Joseph and Martin’s story, writing music and creating a body of foley sound sequences to support the photographs and musings of both photographer and subject, all recorded in and around Joseph’s native Hackney.

You can find the full interactive project here: www.86andahalfyears.com


Music & Sound Design by Small Press